Installation Guide for Linux

To install and run TXTLock under Linux is very easy. See for yourself..


Installation Guide

Step 1) Download into a folder of your choice.

Note: If you download into your 'Download' folder then use your File Manager (i.e. Dolphin, etc.) to move into its own folder.

Step 2) Use your Archive Manager to extract txtlock from the zip file into a folder of your choice.
ZIP Password: txtlock

Step 3) Use your File Manager to change the Permission of TXTLock.

- Select the new file 'txtlock'

- Right Click

- Choose 'Properties'

- Click on the 'Permissions' Tab

- Activate 'Is executable' or 'Allow excecuting file as program':

- Click 'OK' / 'Close'

Step 4) Start your 'Terminal' (Konsole) and use 'cd' to navigate into your new txtlock folder.

Step 5) You can now start TXTLock by using the command ./txtlock

That's it.


Congratulations :)