TXTLock Download

File: [ txtlock_for_linux.zip ]
[ Version: 1.72.1 - 64 Bit, ZIP Password: txtlock ]

SHA-256 [txtlock_for_linux.zip]:
136ee6668082024f2c07d7a143bd871e268c95fbc976e62f817657125b1fe662 [ Check ]

Update 1.72[.1]

 - [Start up]: Additional display of 'Prev access'.
 - 'count days keyword': Replaces 'count days' if you want to search / list days with a certain keyword.
 - 'info': Additional display of 'Prev access'.

 - [Update-Reminder]: Added text [32-Bit] / [64-Bit].
 - 'show': Added birthdays & reminder. (when no txtblock is active)
 - 'show date': Added birthdays & reminder. (when no txtblock is active)

 - 'find files': Sub-directories. [Fixed]
 - 'show date': Removed extra empty line when "Summary 'show date': Yes". [Fixed]
 - 'show': Display error when "Summary 'show date': Yes" and 'No todays data found.' [Fixed in 1.72.1]
 - 'show first/prev/next/last': Display error when "Summary 'show date': No". [Fixed in 1.72.1]

 - 'help': 'count days keyword' added.

Installation Guide

Here is an Installation Guide for Linux.

Quick Start

For a Quick Start how to use TXTLock have a look here.