TXTLock Download

File: [ txtlock_for_linux.zip ] [NEW]
[ Version: 1.74 - 64 Bit, ZIP Password: txtlock ]

SHA-256 [txtlock_for_linux.zip]:
7bdf3b327ca807b4cbe9d510d854997ab1931e10aa58f4756dcde43402b79af6 [ Check ]

Update 1.74

 - 'count days': Replaced 'count days keyword' with 'count days [keyword]' - means you can now add a keyword as a parameter to 'count days'.

 - 'edit reminder': Changed the text output order.

 - N/A

 - 'help': 'count days'.

Installation Guide

Here is an Installation Guide for Linux.

Quick Start

For a Quick Start how to use TXTLock have a look here.