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Release 1.74 is available.
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TXTLock is a command controlled console program, that keeps your data safe, secure and encrypted.

With TXTLock you create and modify 'txtblocks'. Write your text with your prefered text editor, store it in your txtblock and save all txtblocks into a single encrypted file.

A TXTLock file can contain a limitless number of txtblocks.

Setup and use fkeys for fast access and secure your TXTLock file with a password / PIN combination.

TXTLock uses encryption technology and is available for Linux [64 Bit].

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Useful note:

A good combination is the following sequence:
'find files', creates a filelist from specified files in various folders
'unique', removes doublicate files so that only one file remains
'copy unique', copies all unique files to a specified folder

Note: Press F5 for another useful note or click here for more..

TXTLock is free to use.

Creating a program and a website like this takes a lot of time and effort. If you like what you see here then support me by making a donation. Any amount is welcome.

Thank you.

How secure is the TXTLock encryption?

Good point! Try to find it out yourself..

Below is a text that is encrypted with TXTLock and stored in a file named [safe.mdf]:

It was dark. The night silent. He opened the window and got in. There it was - the Safe. It had taken a lot of effort to get the combination. But now he had it. And he was ready. He entered the following combination: ...

If you can decrypt [safe.mdf] and find the combination then I will reward you with the amount of £ 1 and name you 'TXTLock Champion'.

You can post your findings here: #txtlockdatabase

TXTlock changes the file content when you use the function 'save' - even if the text stays the same.

#1 [safe.mdf]

#2 [safe.mdf]

Good Luck!